Galapagos islands

Gaud damn this place has so many whacky animals.

Pacha and i stayed together in a room for a month filming and surfing - this is some of the product.

Malaysia p1 + p2

Probably my favourite video to make to date, really excited for you to watch. p1 + p2 is out.


A van, a 17 year old P plate driver, a couple of boards and a camera, documenting the beautiful coastlines and the devastating effects of human activity.

Japan Trip 2019

Japan is like my second home, it's somewhere where I can feel completely in the moment. This was one of the most amazing times of my life, thanks to everyone who helped me to get over there and whilst I was there.

South Africa

An adventure in South Africa, travelling and competing in surf comps from Durban to Cape Town with Pacha (18) and Yani Light (16) -

reuniting with good friends and making golden memories.

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